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A History of Ozark County, 1841-1991

This CD contains the entire copy of the original big brown history book, originally published in 1991 to celebrate Ozark County’s sesquicentennial. More than 800 pages of the history of our county’s people, places and events are included as search-able PDF files. This is an important research tool for anyone with a connection to Ozark County. Two printings of the book sold out, but now it is available again, this time in convenient digital form!

Cost is $35 or $38 if mailed.


The Old Mill Run, April 1986 - May 2020

Thirty-four years' worth of the popular society newsletter, all on one DVD, and it is searchable!

Twenty-eight years’ worth of the popular society newsletter, all on one DVD, and it is search-able! What a valuable resource for anyone with a connection to Ozark County! Each page is in convenient PDF format and could easily be printed.

Cost is $35 or $38 if mailed.

***Special*** Buy the History of Ozark County and the Old Mill Run and save!

Cost is $60 for both disks or $66 if mailed.

Historical playing cards

This set of genuine playing cards will be a topic of lively conversation at your next pitch or poker game. Each card features a different historical photo from Ozark County.

Now on sale! 3 decks of cards for $10 or $13 if mailed, or $5 for one deck, $7 if mailed.


"Pieces A-Plenty: Quilts and Other Comforts"

Every page in this scrapbook-style publication is in full color, showcasing quilts of all patterns and styles with a connection to Ozark County. Whenever possible, the quilts were photographed with their owner, and stories are included about them. This book will appeal to anyone who loves quilts or history.

Was $50, now on sale for $25 or $31 if mailed.

"Lard Buckets and Paper Pokes: Ozark County’s Rural Schools"

Containing nearly 300 pages of first-person stories and photos from the many one-room schools that once dotted the landscape of Ozark County, this book will bring back happy memories for anyone who lived during that era.

Was $30, now on sale for $20 or $25 if mailed.


"Called to the Colors, Ozark County in World War I! "

Now available for purchase at the Historium or by mail, this book is a collection of letters, photos and stories about the Ozark County men who served in the military during the Great War. The lyrical, poignant, first-hand accounts of their experiences brings to life a time that is now a century in the past. The timing of the book's publication coincides with the 100-year anniversary of the United States' entry into the war.


This beautiful, 106-page book, measuring 8 1/2" x 11" with original cover artwork by local artist Milan Chisam, was written and compiled by Dr. Mary Ruth (Luna) Sparks, whose husband, Mike, is a long-time volunteer at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City. In addition to the many letters written by the men, there are articles about how the home folks supported the war effort with fund-raising and in other ways. Hundreds of Ozark County families were involved, in one way or another.


This book will be a valuable addition to the library of anyone with family ties to Ozark County. Was $15, now on sale for $10 or $15 if mailed.


"The worst of times: The Civil War in Ozark County, Mo. "

We have reprinted our best-selling book about the Civil War in Ozark County. For sale now for $7.50, or $10.00 if mailed to you.



"On the Banks of Pine Creek - The Lunas in Ozark County "

Black and white edition now available! Cost is $12.00 if purchased at the Historium, $15.00 if mailed to you.




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